Photo Credit:  Joseph Prestamo

Photo Credit: Joseph Prestamo

Leah Prestamo

By day, Leah braves the perils of the cubicle, working as in-house legal counsel for a national non-profit. An avid knitter since the age of five, Leah dreams of someday living on a farm surrounded by alpacas, sheep, organic vegetables, and a rockin’ pair of cowboy boots.

The name Weaving Tales was inspired by a dear college professor who loves to compare knitting and weaving with the construction of a literary text. Leah hopes this blog will explore the limitless potential of creativity by which we weave the words, the fibers, the stories, and the fabrics that piece together life.


A Note About the Photography

All photographs published on this website's Home and Collections pages were taken by Joseph Prestamo, a composer and photographer living in New York City. You can view a gallery of Joseph's work here, or follow him on Instagram.

About the Legal Stuff

I design because I want to contribute to the communities and the work of artistic and creative people.

Copyright and intellectual property issues can be a sensitive subject in some design circles - with good reason - so I would like to be clear about my policy. Once you have downloaded one of my patterns (free or paid), you are free to do what you wish with the finished object you create from it. I will not try to restrict the sale of items made from my patterns. If you have found a way to make money through your knitting – go for it! Link to me so I can toast to your success. I only ask that you not reproduce my patterns or photos without permission.