Swatch Sunday

Yesterday was a lazy day.

Seriously. Not a maybe-I'll-do-one-or-two-things-and-then-sit-here-on-the-couch day. More of an ok-maybe-I'll-shower-but-then-it's-back-into-pajamas-and-I'm-not-moving-more-than-my-fingers-today day. 

But football was on the TV and I could justify the laziness by thinking of the endless to-do list sitting on my desk in the office, so my mind was at peace. And - since my mental faculties seemed also to be taking a break - it was the perfect day for low-stakes knitting: pattern swatching. 

I'm one of those knitters who truly loves to swatch. I like the feeling of producing a handful of tiny squares in under an hour. I like seeing patterns I imagine actually appear with minimal effort. I like the ability to frog and remake in minutes if something doesn't look quite right.

I've had the sneaking suspicion these past few weeks that my color palette for this winter has been excessively neutral so what better to remedy this than a sweater in an oh-so-bright Bugga! by the Verdant Gryphon.