Cable-Band Scarf

I have to make a confession: I have a complete mental block when it comes to variegated yarn.  Seriously.  I dislike wearing garments made of variegated yarn, inspiration runs dry when I'm designing patterns for variegated yarn, and I refuse to make socks - the great domain of variegated yarns - on principle (I so so so so so don't want people walking on my hand that unreasonable?).  

I think that my problem with variegated yarns might be control: I love working with colors, but I want to be able to control them and work them into my pattern design. Yarn changing color on its own can feel...chaotic. 

A great batch of yarns from one of last year's Yarnbox Classic shipments breathed some new life into my variegated struggles. It was a three-skein shipment (my favorite kind!): two variegated skeins and one in a solid complementing color.

The yarn is three skeins of Delicious Yarns Sweets Sport, two skeins in green tea, one in blueberry. This was the first project I worked up with their yarn, and I have to say I'm hooked. You can check out their collection and develop a new obsession here.

This pattern is available on Ravelry!