The Priyanka Scarf

A month or two ago, my best friend Priyanka asked if she could "commission" me to knit her one thing every year. Actually, what she really said was that I had the choice: knit her one thing every year or resign myself to the fact that she was going to steal one thing every year. The type of demand only the best of best friends can make.

Pri's birthday is in February, so this seemed as good a time as any to start an annual design challenge. Priyanka has a sophisticated style of dress, so I wanted to design something to match her: classy colors, elegant patterns, and only the nicest of fibers. My foundational idea for the design was that I wanted the finished product to be structured with dramatic lace panels that pop from the garment.

The body sections came about pretty easily - they were basically stockinette stitch blocks with a spread apart purl-checkerboard. Working out the lace pattern to match the image in my head proved to be quite a bit harder. I considered and then abandoned the idea of lace ribbing running the length of the scarf, as that would ruin the structured look I wanted.  I spent a few rounds of test knitting trying to come up with a lace segment about four inches long that I could alternate with the solid body sections, but the lace never quite came out looking like a panel. Ultimately, the only solution I could devise was to knit the entire garment in two directions, with the lace panels running horizontally across the body sections.  I fell completely in love with the results.

This pattern is worked on size seven needles for the body sections and size three for the lace to keep the edges balanced throughout.  

This pattern is available on Ravelry.

This piece continues my new-found love affair with Unique Chic Studio's yarns with this gorgeous gem: their Airy in Boulder.  I received this yarn as a Christmas gift from my mother - I guess their selection resonated with her as well!  For this scarf I used two skeins and worked the two strands together for extra weight.

If you'd like to check out Unique Chic Studio's yarns, you can find them here.