Yosef and His Blanket

This post is exclusively here so we can all enjoy the overwhelming cuteness of my friend Ariela's new baby Yosef...also known as Little Elvis. This child was born with a mop of hair that I think probably set a world record for hair-to-baby-fat ratio. 

Ariela has been modeling him with the blanket I made them for the past few weeks. These are some of my favorite shots so far. 

I can't take credit for this design - Ariela picked it from some pictures we found on Pinterest. Selecting yarn proved to be more of a challenge since Ari is allergic to fabrics that are even 5% wool and finding a cotton yarn that came in rainbow colors was surprisingly difficult. I eventually settled on the Knit Picks Comfy Worsted and she LOVES how soft and comfortable it is. As far as we can tell, Yosef approves as well. 

With their doxie Frankie for added cuteness.