And Sometimes, Friends, You're Just Stuck

I'm not sure if anyone's invented a term like "writer's block" for knitters yet. If not, I think it's about time we coin it. 

A few months ago, I started working on a pullover with no particular design in mind. I had four skeins of Ancient Arts 3-ply fingering/sock in Irish Linen and it was lovely and soft and all I could think of was how nice it would be to snuggle into a big cozy pullover this winter. I cast on in a simple stitch and whipped up an oversized front and back that are every bit as soft and warm as could be desired. And then the sleeves happened.

When I finish the body of a sweater, I often get this feeling of euphoria and think "Now the sleeves will take about five minutes to finish and I'll be done!" I'm not sure if I have a sleeve curse or what, but it NEVER EVER EVER works that way.

On this particular project, the first thing to go wrong was that I wildly mis-sized the first sleeve. AND DIDN'T EVEN REALIZE IT. That's right. I completed, blocked, and sewed up the entire sleeve before noticing there was no way it was going to fit my arm. How these things happen to me I will never know. 

Once I figured out the actual size of my own arms, I made two appropriately-sized sleeves using the same stitch as the body of the pullover. I didn't like the look of sewing them on right-side-out because using the same stitch all over looked a bit dull. The wrong side of this stitch is pretty in its own right, so I flipped the sleeves inside-out and sewed them on that way, with a little cuff at the wrist to harmonize with the body. 

You can judge for yourself, but something is just...not...right.

I am, at this point, too demoralized to continue, so this pullover is hibernating for the time being awaiting a surge of sleeve-inspiration.

In conclusion, I have made three entire sleeves for this pullover and approve of exactly zero of them. Friends, if you have in mind the perfect solution to my sleeve woes, please be good enough to leave a comment!