Cashmere Cowl

One of the most agonizing aspects of travel is, for me, that hour spent the night before departure deciding what, oh what, to knit on the journey. Perhaps those less clumsy and accident prone than I are faced with an easier decision, but for me a great deal rides on this choice. Indeed, I believe I am the queen of the crafting-while-traveling faux pas. There was the fateful dpns-on-a-plane incident in which I dropped a needle from my work and, after a great deal of fuss, located it under a fellow passenger's rear end. Or the time I brought a color work hat on a megabus and one of the many balls of yarn slipped from my hands and rolled beneath the seats all the way to the front of the bus. Are you getting the picture? I'm not one of those people who travels with poise. 

Last week I took a work trip to San Antonio, a trip which, from Boston, requires so many hours of flying that a good project for the plane is practically mandatory. I had just cast on a little double knit cowl which seemed to have few enough moving parts to be safe to bring along (I did still manage to drop balls of yarn on my aisle-mates not once, not twice, but three times).

The idea for this little cowl was born from a woven scarf I bought in India this winter and have already worn so much it's nearly in tatters. Someday I'll learn to weave well enough to replicate it, but until then I'll be making knitted versions. 

The pattern for this cowl is available as a Ravelry download.

The yarn is Pepperberry Knits Cashmere Signature Edition in Storm and Barn Owl, received courtesy of the July classic Yarnbox. I loved these so much I immediately picked up a few extra colors from the Yarnbox overstock store. 

There are so many fun ways to wear reversible cowls, I got a little carried away taking pictures.

My super low-tech pattern:

You can check out the spectacular Pepperberry Knits collection here