Winter Blues Scarf - Project Support Page

This is the pattern support page for my brand new Winter Blues scarf! 

The Winter Blues scarf got its name because I had a bad case of the winter blues when the weather got cold, and my first two test knits were done in lovely blues. So you will all be very kind and disregard the fact that my most recent test knit (of which I took the photographs for this post) was done 

This scarf is shaped with short rows worked outward from the center, with a border worked back and forth along the edge. I wrote two alternate border patterns, both of which are included. 

My favorite shot from our photoshoot, featuring border option one:

Here it is featuring border option two:

When the scarf first comes off the needles, it'll look a little misshapen because of how the short rows curve. Once blocked, the scarf will take its shape. Here is a photo of a test knit as the border is being worked:

On the blocking boards, the shape will be a crescent. It's important to pin down the top edge straight across and to pin down the border so the the body opens up. 

The border is worked by casting on stitches using the backward loop method and working back and forth across the edge of the scarf. Here are some close ups of the border in progress:

Finished product!

Happy knitting!