The Color of Summer is...Fringe!

I've recently discovered all the glory that is fringe. Seriously, how have I not been fringing everything I own all these years? The pattern for this scarf will be forthcoming, but for now here's a little trip through my latest fringe adventure. 

Fashion forward knitting, in seven steps:

Step One - Find yourself some airy, breathable yarn, preferably with a teeny bit of shimmer and shine.

Teresa Ruch Designs Tencel 5/2 in pearl

Teresa Ruch Designs Tencel 5/2 in pearl

Step Two: Knit something light and lacy.

Step Three: Contemplate your fringe. How long should it be? Three inches? Four? Go for drama and make it five! Sky's the limit. 

Step Four: Put the menfolk to work cutting the fringe. 

My brother, clearly thrilled.

My brother, clearly thrilled.

Step Five: Attach fringe to scarf.

Step Six: Throw on a gorgeous dress and have a photo shoot.

Step Seven: Enjoy!