Square Summer Scarf

This past December I was with some friends Christmas shopping at Nordstrom when I found a super-cheap ultra bulky square scarf about four feet long on each side. It's enormous - actually so large that when I wear it I can't see my feet when I walk (do other people look at their feet when they walk down stairs, or is that just me?). I had no idea how to wear such a garment when I first found it, but it was a pretty blend of pastels like a watercolor painting - and cheap - so I took it home. It was only when I wore it to my frigid office building that I discovered the wonderful versatility of square scarves: when chilly at your desk, you can use them as blankets! Plus, as my best friend and I discovered walking the streets of Paris this year, bulky scarves worn kerchief-style are really in right now.  

This newfound love of square scarves inspired me to design a center-out square knitting pattern. I received a jumbo-skein of Ewetopia's Lima DK (100% alpaca) in Pomegranate in one of my Yarnbox monthly packages and it pairs beautifully with a bright white cotton worsted weight from Knit Picks. 

Here are some photos of my cute friend Nana modeling the finished product: