Winter Knitting in the Heat

Whew! - these past two weeks certainly have been scorching hot in the northeast! A cold snap the final week of August faked me out and the subsequent heat wave caught me hauling out blankets and packing away my summer clothes. So here I sit with the air conditioner blasting, knitting snowflakes into a sweater that - true to its name - is making me sweat just pooled up in my lap. 

Nevertheless, my winter knitting is off to a strong start. I've just finished the draft of a new scarf pattern meant to look like the movement of water in the rain. I'm not sure that came through well at all but I do think it's a pretty scarf. I'll pop in some pictures at the bottom. 

Mostly I've had a sweater bug these days - my couch is covered in dog-eared copies of interweave, splayed open to pictures of sweaters in heather grays and mustard yellows. Inexplicably, the first one I cast on is holiday green and covered in snowflakes. Not totally appropriate for fall! I do love it though.

Commonwealth Sweater by Kiri FitzGerald-Hillier, from Interweave Fall 2015 - still sans sleeves but soon to come! 


I haven't even tried it on yet as the temperature in my apartment makes that an unappealing task. But my dress form and I have been in partnership for some time, and judging by how it fits her, it ought to be perfect on me. 

And now for some pictures of my new design-in-progress. I think I may need to knit a new sample of it in a yarn where the pattern will stand out a bit better. 


Hopefully someday it will be knitwear weather again.