New Designs, New Projects

Between work which has kept me busier than usual lately and the fact that I moved to a new apartment in November (and I am not one of these people for whom unpacking takes less than six months), my knitting life has progressed slowly lately. Here is an all too brief rundown of my recent endeavors. 

First, new patterns:

My first yoga mat bag design! I'm beyond pleased with how it turned out. I originally conceived of this design as a stash-buster to work through some scraps of cotton I had left behind from a few weaving projects. Last spring, my best friend and I visited Paris and I had a chance to visit the popular yarn and notions shop, La Droguerie. I was enchanted by the vibrant colors of their Fleur de Coton yarn and bought a few hundred yards in twenty-six colors...which has left me quite a stash of cotton yarn. 

I wanted to make the bag completely adjustable to any size yoga mat, so the pattern begins with a center-out circle that can be worked to any desired size. Once the bottom of the bag is sufficiently wide, the pattern simply carries on working upward to make the body. I used a very basic slipped stitch pattern so that only one working yarn is used at a time. 

Just a few weeks ago, I finally published the pattern for a little scarf I originally designed nearly a year ago. 

This guy has quickly become my favorite scarf. I always have a hard time finding a chunky scarf that doesn't look dumb under a puffy winter coat, but this one is perfect. I tried to take a selfie wearing it, but it didn't come out very well: 

Selfies aren't my thing.

Selfies aren't my thing.

In the works I have a set of simple pillows and a double knit triangle scarf. Pictures to come!