Photo Credit:  Joseph Prestamo

Photo Credit: Joseph Prestamo

Leah Prestamo

By day, Leah braves the perils of the cubicle, working as the Programs & Policy Director for an NYC-based nonprofit. An avid knitter since the age of five, Leah dreams of someday living on a farm surrounded by alpacas, sheep, organic vegetables, and a rockin’ pair of cowboy boots.

The name Weaving Tales was inspired by a dear college professor who loves to compare knitting and weaving with the construction of a literary text. Leah hopes this blog will explore the limitless potential of creativity by which we weave the words, the fibers, the stories, and the fabrics that piece together life.


A Note About the Photography

All photographs published on this website's Home and Collections pages were taken by Joseph Prestamo, a composer and photographer living in New York City. You can view a gallery of Joseph's work here, or follow him on Instagram.